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Car Rental clause

  • Chapter 1 General rules
  • Chapter 2 KashiWataru contract
  • Chapter 3 lending car
  • Chapter 4 lending fee
  • Chapter 5 responsibility
  • Chapter 6 processing of an automobile accident
  • Chapter 7 cancellation, refund, etc.
  • Chapter 8 return
  • Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Provisions

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Non-return prevention measures manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Prevention of everyday
  3. Corresponding to the features of the suspicious
  4. Corresponding at the time of non-return
  5. Processing after the lapse of 72 hours
  6. Processing of the case contact impossible
  7. Creating a non-return damage report and submit
  8. For submission of the non-return vehicle discovery report
  9. Submission, such as car rental non-return certificate issued Application
  10. Delivery of examination and non-return demonstrated by the National Car Rental Association
  11. Deletion registration iron procedures of the transportation bureau
  12. Contact Us

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Car Rental Guide available

  1. . About international driver's license
  2. Notes of the traffic rules
  3. If an accident occurs
  4. For customers of the burden of the event of an accident
  5. The main road signs in Japan
  6. About fuel
  7. Other attention point at the time of the operation

※ This booklet is in English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) offers.

Check point of the international and foreign driver's license that the driver is found in Japan

  1. Driver's license, which is observed driving in Japan
  2. Operation can be determined confirmation of the check flow
  3. Confirmation of passport
  4. Confirmation of the international driver's license
  5. Convention member countries on Road Traffic of 1949 (Geneva Convention)
  6. International driver's license that can not be found driving in Japan
  7. Confirmation of a foreign driver's license