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Association Overview

Tokyo Car Rental Association is usually the first kind member as (company) has been a member of the National Car Rental Association. 115 companies in Tokyo, including remote islands, are members, and as of the end of March 2022, we own 21,990 vehicles.

Association Overview

Tokyo Car Rental Association
2-8-10 Kape BLD 5F, Misakichō Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
03-3238-8490 FAX 03-3238-8636
1997, April 1,

Nearest station: JR Suidobashi station east exit 2-minute walk / Toei Mita Line Suidobashi Station 5-minute walk / Toei Shinjuku Line Toei Mita Line-corporation Hanzomon Jimbōchō Station a 10-minute walk


  1. Dissemination and promotion of knowledge of the car rental business
  2. Assistance and consultations about the car rental business
  3. Development of a system that will contribute to the car rental management
  4. Dissemination of workshops of implementation and safety measures related to rental car maintenance management
  5. Prevention of crime, such as theft and stealing a ride involved in the rental car
  6. Enlightenment of traffic safety for the Car Rental user
  7. Rental car users of the consultation and complaint processing
  8. Promotion of deregulation on the car rental business
  9. Contact with the government authorities for the Car Rental business
  10. Certificate about the car rental business
  11. Provide opportunities for information exchange and friendship between the operators

Main activities

  1. Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors, held in the Branch Board
  2. Held maintenance management training session
  3. Plan and host a variety of workshops
  4. Issuance and sale of the standard car rental agreement and the standard loan
  5. Opinions from time of abolition or relaxation of restrictions on car rental
  6. Trial of interchange system for vehicle efficiency operation between businesses
  7. Start campaign of welfare vehicle in the "rent-a-car Day"
  8. Establishment of the association home page

History of the association establishment

※1955's Tokyo metropolitan area in the car rental business association is founded two organizations activities

"Tokyo car rental Association" (mainly small and medium-sized businesses is subject)

December 1958
Association Established
June 1967
It changed its name to Tokyo Car Rental Association
June 1967
Join in the All Japan Car Rental Association
Leave the All Japan Car Rental Association
A member of the national car rental Council
Leave a national car rental Council
National Car Rental Association join

"New Tokyo car rental Association" (mainly mainly wide area leading operators also added leasing business)

July 1963
Association Established
Japan car rental Join the Association
It changed its name to Tokyo rental Automobile Association
It changed its name to Tokyo Rental & Leasing Association
National Car Rental Association join
  • In 1984 Upon the National Car Rental Association of umbrella organization becomes the Institute, received a request to the effect that one of the multiple associations within the same bureau from the authorities, consider the start of the initiative in the future in each of position
  • Start concrete talks for finally promoting the unification of representatives of both the Association entered in 1990
  • November 1992 founded the Tokyo Metropolitan Car Rental Association, promoting the harmony between environmental improvement and businesses towards the unification
  • Leading to the current established as Tokyo Car Rental Association April 1997