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"Car Rental Day" Deals

And "rent-a-car day" is

For the first time in Japan in July 2002, 10 days' car rental Day "was launched. Is thereafter every month 10 days become a center member companies of the National Car Rental Association has carried out PR activities.

Rental car, has grown in momentum that now more than 30 million units, but has become a means of transportation that are essential to people's lives and corporate activities, for example, to secure a high base of the convenience of at the railway station and the airport Mamanaranai such, there is still one step of the surface now as a full-fledged industry.

"Rent-a-car day" car rental of economy, convenience and safety widely PR, deepen understanding and recognition of the society, it was decided as part of the activities to further improve the social and economic status . Operators of the member to each prefecture of car rental Association actively participate and promote in this PR activities, we have an activity that was the starting point of the "rent-a-car of the day."

Contents of the service

A rental car in order to PR, especially through the social contribution to the welfare and long-term care sector in Tokyo and car rental Association, we are actively supporting a variety of services in the "rent-a-car Day" around the business of following.

Company name Contents of the service Web Site
IDO SUPPORT Half the basic rate of welfare vehicle
TOYOTA RENT-A-LEASE TAMA Co.,Ltd. During the special discount of welfare vehicle
Nippon Rent-A-Car Urban Net,Inc. Tokyo Division, Toto Division. Half the basic rate of welfare vehicle
NISSAN CAR RENTAL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD, (TOKYO AREA) Half the basic rate of welfare vehicle 0120-00-4123

Please refer to the increasingly enhanced welfare vehicle details.