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Car Rental Q & A (Contact)

1. For the license

As a general rule, does not have to provide a time limit after the license acquisition in lending conditions, because there is a case where by some sales offices and model there is a limitation of the period after the licensing, please check the use office at the time of booking .

Available in the international license of the Geneva International Convention member countries.
However, you may be asked to show your passport at the time of leasing.

If you know the current address listed on your driver's license is different from, those that can prove the current address (health insurance card, such as mail) please bring so you might want to ask for your presentation.

2. About Book application

Will be borrowed, but because the vehicle of your choice by the reservation status of the vehicle, it might take a long time to prepare the case or a vehicle that can not be arranged, we recommend as soon as possible of your reservation.

Reservation center got the reservation as a general rule, or, please contact us to lend to pass the store.
In addition, there is a case to separate booking cancellation fee is generated for the cancellation.

3. car when you use

As a general rule we ask you to pay before your departure. Payment method, cash or, I hope in a credit card. In addition, we have limited the payment by credit card by vehicle class.

If it is a use beyond the available time, which is make a reservation in advance, you will be charged a certain overage charges at the time of your checkout. At that time always, please contact the purport of the extended use time to return the store. It should be noted that, depending on the availability of the vehicle there is a case to refuse the extension.
In addition, if the contact was an accident outside the utilization time of the schedule, not, please note it will be exempt from insurance and compensation.

Fuel costs will be borne by the customer. Since we have been lending in principle full tank please return with full tank as you please.

Depending on the actual running number of kilometers, we will settle by a separate kilometers settlement fee was determined. So you might be slightly more expensive in relation to such effort in this case oil, we recommend the return in full.

4. If you encounter an accident

And the risk prevention measures on the street (such as a mobile-stop display board, smoke barrel of the car), please arrange for an ambulance if necessary. Always on top of the report to the local police, for instructions to contact the departure store.

If the disclaimer compensation system are not you join, you pay the deductible of the insurance compensation system. However, in the case of accident that corresponds to the disclaimer will be the full amount paid by the customer.

When will you join the disclaimer compensation system at the time of the contract, if it is causing the event of an accident, you pay the deductible of the insurance compensation system. System to exempt this your contributions we become a "disclaimer compensation system". We recommend you join in preparation for the event of an accident.

Your subscription is optional, but recommended to join in preparation for the event of an accident.

In the following cases, please keep in mind that it does not apply to insurance.

  • If the report to the police, and the contact to the store did not.
  • If the reckless driving, is determined, such as an accident by deliberate.
  • driving without a license, drunk driving, in the case of the operation in the drug use.
  • he time of the contract, in the case of operation by persons was not of your offer.
  • If the other party of the accident is responsible.
  • repair and replacement costs, such as the tire puncture
  • of the foil cap loss

In the following cases, it will require additional cost.

  1. If it becomes necessary repair of the vehicle, will be charged a "non-operation charge (NOC)" as part of the closed security during the repair period.
  2. Repair of the case of a tire puncture, replacement costs

If that had damage to the vehicle caused the accident while using a rental car, is that the amount of money that must be paid as part of the sales compensation during the repair period.

  • If it is returned to the return store appointments (if possible self-propelled) 20,000 yen
  • If you have not been returned to the return store appointments (if self-propelled a non) 50,000 yen

※ "non-operation charge (NOC)", please keep in mind that it does not become the exemption even if you have your subscription to the safe harbor compensation system.

5. Other

Driver's license (if you know the current address of the license described are different, other than the license identification) and a credit card or cash (we have limited the payment by credit card by vehicle class) Please bring.

If you can present a person of license which is operated at the time of leasing, anyone can be operated. However, the person who was not of the offer at the time of leasing With regard to the accident while driving, insurance and if the compensation applicable to become of you because there who are driving please contact always.

 Loan pass-return is we thank you during business hours. Please note.

Since the relationship of parking spaces will vary by each store, please contact the store at the time of booking. It should be noted that, in the parking, accident, theft, with regard to other trouble Please note that not assume any responsibility.

By the fourth paragraph 1 road transport law, lending of chauffeured I can not do. Please note.