Convenient car rental with HOW TO

Car rental of debit

Borrowing from the car of the reservation, the flow of return

As a process to help you rent a car, booking procedures of departure, there is your return. Each also in companies there is a feature, but it is roughly the same process.


If you have unity is some car rental use plan, type of vehicle you want, please reserve determine the period.
When choosing a vehicle type, tells the presence or absence of a number of people and the child seat, you may be asked to advice. Since that filled with the reservation about popular models earlier, it is recommended that you book as much as possible ahead of time. In particular, holiday wagon has a higher competitive rate.
Also, let's check well as each company of the discount service.
As a reserved way, visit to the company's stores and reservation center or, you can book by phone. It came out even where it is reserved, even from the Internet and mobile phones in recent years.

About Options

Also us lending, such as car navigation systems and child seats.
Let's ask not forget at the time of reservation if necessary. You have quite many things are available.

Cancellation of the reservation

Usually, it may be levied a cancellation fee if you cancel on the verge of rent.
1 week ago it is free roughly, the proportion is higher since, in the case of the day seems to be 50%.
Please be careful.


Because there is lending procedures, than the time that is reserved, let's visit ahead of us a little bit.
It requires a license when the rent. In addition, because there is also possible for the first time of the person who is required to pay by credit card, it is better that had been brought.

  • tells you that you are booking.
  • Creating a rental agreement, you do the procedure (on license).
  • There is a description about such as what to do if you were to encounter insurance and accidents.
    • insurance, compensation is different system for each company, but it is a strong point of view is in the event of an accident.
      It is better that had been subscribed. In addition, corresponding at the time of the accident, let's listen well.
      Basically, ensuring safety, the police of the report is the same as the general of the accident.
  • exchange rates
  • Make sure the flaws of the attendant and the vehicle.
    • If there is a flaw when the o came back, you will be asked to reimburse. Let's make sure well the flaws there originally.
  • depart.
    • Notes and on the o operation, hazard lamps, side brake, such as the location of the spare tire, let's make sure not to forget.


  • gasoline is the user burden. Return just before and in full.
  • When the return time to delay likely, if there is such as a change of return store, contact as soon as possible.
    • If there is no connection, there is also a place to take a penalty.
  • get inspect the vehicle when you get to the office.
    • If was not at the time of starting defect is observed, the same process and the accident will be made.
  • If there are extension fee will make the settlement.
  • If you have caused an accident, insurance, will be compatible on the basis of the compensation system.
    • There are times when the burden, such as immunity gold of insurance occurs.
      You may be asked to sales compensation in the vehicle repair period.
      There is no anyway a good thing in an accident. Let's try to accident-free in safe driving.