Convenient car rental with HOW TO

Convenient use of the car rental

Immediately starting from the station

It is a rental car if you want to extend the range of activities in the destination. Such as car rental if bus or taxi, you will be making a schedule without being bound by time and route. Since car rental stores are many places in the vicinity of the station, after Once arrived at the station is traveling around some of the destination in the rental car, let's doing the efficient work and private. I'm tired is also less because you move at your own pace.
Please contact us by all means store locations to their respective owners.

You can borrow various also car supplies

Child seat, of course, car navigation systems and ski carrier, studless tire, such as the hood or rope for the track, meet the needs of our customers, we align the equipment to use for the car their respective companies. Equipment is of the type and rates please contact the company in advance.

The one-way drive service (to return the car in non-borrowed stores)

In the car rental company that has some of the store, and borrowed the store there is a place that is doing the service (one-way drive services) that can return the vehicle to a different store. For example, rent a car in the city center, it is a translation can return the car to the shop in the vicinity of the home of Tama.
If this, without even or return to the city center, but it is very convenient. Services, because prices vary by each company, please contact us always.

Short time rental

Track, there is also a company that is borrowed from the van, such as 3 hours.
If the immediate vicinity of the moving, I think you have is in finished also move in half a day or a few hours. It is also easy wallet if a short period of time. Fee, please contact the company.

Long-term rental is also possible

Rental car, it will be borrowed at one month. Rates and so we made a guide about 22, 23 days, more of the long-term it is cheaper. Please contact the company by all means.

There is also a 24-hour office

Morning normal business hours are 8:00, but - it seems the night 20:00 often, depending on the company there is also a store of 24 hours. Please try to contact the company by all means.